Simplicity is our guiding principle.

We offer you the services of the most talented professionals in the field of investments, real estate, financing for businesses and individuals, taxation, insurance, social welfare schemes and succession. Enter, through just one door, the world of long-term financial planning and global asset management on a human scale.

Have access to the advice of the best specialists, financial analysts, wealth managers, real estate experts, lawyers, tax specialists, chartered accountants, insurers, property managers, architects and many others. It is only by combining different and complementary skills with experience and rigour that a personal choice can be made on financial organisation, whether for an individual or a business. Each one of us has their own personal history and situation, and sees the future according to their own criteria. Each solution can therefore only be found by taking strictly personal elements into account and is therefore tailored.

We distribute products of the best service providers and not our own. We are therefore perfectly neutral and work objectively with the sole aim of enabling you to earn the most money, whilst limiting your risks. Our consultancy services, when they lead to the conclusion of contracts with financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc.), are free of charge.

We also, of course, conduct studies and execute special work, for which a detailed quote may be drawn up or fees charged based on an hourly rate or an all-inclusive amount. We seek the best services for you at the best prices. We submit our analyses to you in full transparency and objectivity. Together we work to achieve the financial objectives that you fix.

Individuals, families, young people and the less young, business men and women, business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs or those with a private income - you no longer need to waste time running from one bank to another, from one fiduciary office to another.

With JAVA I fINANCETM : You have 1 interlocutor! Just one for all your money matters.