Negotiating a major stage

JAVA I fINANCETM provides you with financial and management competences for a determined period so that a one-off project, concerning business organisation, project management and/or team motivation around a common goal, can be successfully completed.

We take over all your financial negotiations, we represent you at meetings with concerned parties, assist you at these if you wish to attend yourself, or prepare negotiation meetings with you if you prefer to attend alone.

We offer you the possibility of fully delegating, with confidence, the management of all your day-to-day financial and administrative business matters (domiciliation, payments, etc.), allowing you, if necessary, to be absent for extended periods.

JAVA I fINANCETM can, if necessary, sit on your Board of Directors and provide the financial and management skills that will complete those held by the other members of the board, thus giving new impetus to the management of your business.