The best product at the best price

We deal, free of charge, with finding and implementing the most attractive bank financings. Bank loan structuring is one of our specialties. A hurried choice in the field of liability management always has unfortunate consequences in the long term. This is why we pay special attention to this point.

Our services in this field incorporate the use of the most modern, sophisticated financial products, instruments that we are democratising. Consequently, you can protect your personal budget through the use of the most modern financial engineering tools.

From arranging a land purchase loan to the financing of end users, and including the monitoring of construction works and arranging the loan for the latter.

We offer services not only to developers planning to erect villas or apartment blocks for sale in PPE co-ownership but also complete "packages" (mortgages - insurance - taxation - social welfare schemes) for the buyers. The latter are taken over and individually advised right from the start of the works.