Irreproachable ethics

We wish our conduct to be irreproachable in the business that we conduct with you. Consequently, we feel it our duty to provide you with any information you request on the remunerations we receive from third-party companies in relation to the files that we present concerning you.

In a similar context, this also means that the expected yields and risks are calculated on a realistic basis. Finally, you will be informed in advance, in all cases, of any costs that you incur.


Hourly rates (CHF)
Advice, Analyses, Representation - (D) 400.-*
Administrative and editorial services - (A) 300.-*
All-inclusive rates (CHF)  
Day (8 consecutive hours) - (D) 2'560.-*
Day (8 consecutive hours) - (A) 1'920.-*
Week (5 consecutive days) - (D) 10'240.-*
Week (5 consecutive days) - (A) 7'680.-*
Month (4 consecutive weeks) - (D) 32'770.-*
Month (4 consecutive weeks) - (A)24'580.-*  
 *plus VAT 8.0 %. 

Liability structuring, and arranging financings and insurance coverages, when remunerated by the banks and/or insurance companies, are completely free of charge for our clients.

Security portfolio structurings, when remunerated by the banks, are also completely free of charge for our clients.

Real estate portfolio management is invoiced at 0.5% of total gross rent collected when rental and technical management is entrusted to a third-party property manager.

In the event that rental and technical management (full real estate management services) is taken over temporarily, the fees are between 4 and 6% of total gross rent collected, depending on the type of object, but at least CHF 1,200 per year.